The all answering Happy Potato Press FAQ

Eventhough these Frequently Asked Questions have been assembled with the greatest care, it can of course always happen that you wont find a satisfying answer to your question on this page. Might that be the case, feel free to get in touch with us through We love receiving questions. Serious ones. And weird ones. And we love getting emails. We eat them all. Promised!

  • You are a one person-press. Why do you refer to yourself as we?
    Let’s start with another question, shall we?
  • Where can I buy these potatoes?
    Like every quality vegetable: in the better bookstores. Naturally we only work with better bookstores. (you can find one right here)
  • Are your books actually edible?
    Try one.
  • I ordered a book and I hate it. Can I send it back?
    Nope. Just finish your plate and stop whining.
  • What do you think about french fries?
    Not really the true thing, but can’t help loving them. Especially with some Richard Brautigan on top.
  • Can I expect some of your books being converted to the big screen soon?
    Let’s see. At the moment we are in advanced discussions with several top Hollywood directors and production companies. Supposably Brad Pitt is almost certain to play the lead in the Happy Potato. Eventhough Javier Bardem is also still in contention. But you know Hollywood. It’s mostly talk.
  • Why do you actually have this FAQ? And who composed it? There don’t seem to be any relevant questions. You just seem to talk to yourself.
    Let’s not start discussing about the self and the other can we?
  • I think your books are too expensive.
    Is that even a question?
  • Do you believe in the truth?
  • As in 1 + 1 = 2?
    Sure. But what if 1 is already composed of 2 or more? Would the answer still be 2?
  • Is it fun to be a smart ass?
    Only for a little while. It’s actually quite tiring in the long run.
  • Do you believe in God?
    Why not. Just don’t ask how we interpret God. (Hint: No, not George Clooney)
  • Do you believe in Satan?
    That’s too easy.
  • What’s with all this food?
    It’s very simple. We just need it to stay alive.
  • Was Dumb Things ghostwritten by Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels?
    It was not.
  • What is your favorite book?
    There isn’t enough room to answer properly, but let’s say we like literature that is not literature. Children books that are no children books. Poems that are no poems. And the funny pages of course.
  • Do you publish books by other authors than yourself?
    We do. But please don’t start that discussion about other and self again. It’s a can of worms. We will publish one some day. A can of worms with an ISBN number. We just have to find the right author.
  • Can I send you my manuscript?
  • Will you read it?
    We will definitely look at it.
  • Can I do an internship at Happy Potato Press?
  • Why do you use this univers font on the site?
    Purely symbolic. We at Happy Potato Press believe that aesthetics are overrated.
  • Can you tell me how to be happy?
    A wise man once said, get up in the morning. Go to bed at night. And in the meantime do what you want to do. Personally we believe that eating potatoes also helps.